How to write a quality comment!!

  1. Be positive and specific. You need to be specific
  2. Add new info. If you see someones blog and they have info but you have more, don’t be afraid to make a comment saying the info you have.
  3.  End with a question. End your comment with a question  that will get the blogger thinking. Maybe you can get a conversation going.
  4. Make a connection. Maybe you have the same pet they have make a connection.
  5. Proof read content. Make sure your comment is nice not mean.


My favorite sport is soccer because I  can kick hard. And in my free time I like to ride my motorcycle. I like to ride trails and hard stuff like going through trees and other stuff.

This is a part from my letter to Orbiting jupiter

*warning spoiler alert!*

“Your mother Maddie had complications with the birth and once you were born she died and all that was left was joseph who later figured out that maddie died and did something very bad. Once he found out that maddie, the love of his life died he ran into the bathroom stall at his school and this kid came in and gave him a pill. And when a teacher came in and said to come out he tried to kill her.”




Our class does this thing called Pen-pal. Our class gets paired up with how many pen-pal points you have. The way you get pen-pal points is if you turn stuff in. Our class gets to have conversations on what we are working on. Right now we are working on pen-pal flags.(if you look at my other post.) It is really fun.

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